ST603: Systematic Theology III

Systematic Theology III

Dr. Sam Dawson

2nd Period Tuesday (9:25-11:15) / Thursday (9:25-10:25, 11:20-noon)



A study of salvation, especially in its application; the origin and composition of the Body of Christ, as well as the composition, function and primacy of the local church; and a development of a premillennial, pretribulational understanding of the prophecies of Scripture. Prerequisites: ST500 and ST501.

Textbooks Required:

  • Christian Theology, 3rd ed., by Millard Erickson, Baker.
  • A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity @, vol. 3, by Rolland McCune, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary.

Textbooks Recommended:

  • The Church in God’s Program, by Robert Saucy, Moody Press.
  • Redemption Accomplished and Applied, by John Murray, Eerdmans.
  • The End Times, by Herman Hoyt, BMH.
  • The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation, by Bruce Demarest, Crossway.


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