CH703: Reformation Theology

Reformation Theology

Dr. John Aloisi

Monday Night (6:30-8:20 pm)



A critical examination of the basic doctrines of the key Reformers, creedal statements, and controversies..

Textbooks Required:

  • The Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology, ed. David Bagchi and David Steinmetz, Cambridge University Press
  • Bondage of the Will, by Martin Luther, trans. J. I. Packer and O. R. Johnston, Baker.
  • John Calvin: Steward of God’s Covenant: Selected Writings, by John Calvin, ed. John Thornton and Susan Varenne, Vintage.

Textbooks Recommended:

  • Living for God’s Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism, by Joel Beeke, Reformation Trust.
  • Theology of the Reformers, rev. ed., by Timothy George, Broadman & Holman.

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