OT602: Hebrew Grammar II

Hebrew Grammar II

Dr. Kyle Dunham

2nd Period Wednesday (9:25-10:25, 11:20 a.m.-12 p.m.) / Friday (9:25-11:15 a.m.)


Dun Ham


A continuation of the study of Hebrew grammar. This course reinforces and expands on this with emphasis being placed on reading selected portions of the Hebrew Bible. Prerequisite: A minimum grade of “C” in 601.

Textbooks Required:

  • Introducing Biblical Hebrew, by Allen Ross, Baker.
  • A Reader’s Hebrew Bible, by A. Philip Brown II and Bryan Smith, Zondervan.
  • The Concise Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, ed. David J. A. Clines, Lightning Print.

Textbooks Recommended:

  • Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia compact, by K. Elliger and W. Rudolph, Hendrickson.
  • Reader’s Hebrew-English Lexicon, 4 vols. in 1, by Armstrong, Busby and Carr, Zondervan.
  • English Grammar to Ace Biblical Hebrew, by Miles Van Pelt, Zondervan.

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