Mark Snoeberger


God Is Not My Fall Guy

“Hello, my name is__________, and I approve this message.” This awkward disclaimer became part of standard political jargon in 2002, when the Bipartisan...
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Worship Warcraft

Every time I hear a specific date announced for the end of the War in Afghanistan, I experience a brief snort of...
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Laryngitis and Preaching

It’s flu and virus season, and if you’re a public speaker, you probably worry at least occasionally about the possibility of losing...
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I’m a cynic and a pessimist by nature. Usually, if “everybody is doing it,” I don’t. I can’t tell you whether it’s...
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A Few Good Books

Every three years the DBTS faculty collaborate to produce a Basic Library Booklist for pastors.  Of course, books come out more frequently than...
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